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About Us

The Company

DOMAINES & TERROIRS was founded by Debbi Baron as a cultural, learning and culinary tour company, offering journeys which will discover regions in France, the United Kingdom, Ireland, and eventually the United States known for their regional artisanal products.  For me, the ever mutable cheese has always been a passion.

So with a partner, Jean-Paul Bignand and cheese as the starting point, our mission of discovery and learning began. We went out to investigated the people, their environment and culture which create this extraordinary foodstuff. In the process, this search expanded to the multitude of other specialities within each of these significant regions or areas.

We found this fascination for the countryside and its products was shared by many friends.  With that in mind, we decided to become ambassadors of all things artisanal and created these journeys to allow those of you who share this interest to experience it through journeys with Domaines & Terroirs.

Debbi Baron

Growing up in California, the land where « anything is possible » and respect for craftsmanship is a proud state heritage, my interest in all things produced by hand began very early in my life.  Coupled with a university degree in Three-dimensional Design, a career with an internationally known architecture and design firm allowed me to pursue this passion and to put it to practical use.

This career provided a way to develop my knowledge of artisanal products through research and sourcing the best producers, artisans and craftsmen all over the world for clients. Ultimately as a design partner, I was very fortunate to work through out Europe and the Middle East  ultimately commuting between London and Paris weekly, to live in Europe since 1995.

Dedication to learning about quality materials, production and craftsmanship is what drives me to seek out the people and what, not only drives their passion, but helps shape the products they create.  Cheese is the ultimate expression of this kind of dedication to an artisanal process and an expression of its sense of place, or what the French call terroir. Cheese, its culinary partners, the art of entertaining and expanding our understanding of life through constant learning are all an extension of this search and this passion.