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Why Choose Us

At DOMAINES & TERROIRS, we see ourselves as ambassadors to the countryside, connoisseurs of cheese and all things related to « terroirs » in the provinces of France, Great Britain and beyond. Our guests are a worldly group. They are well educated; sophisticated travellers, knowledgeable about many different cultures and gastronomy. They seek to discover the authenticity of a country and the pleasures of the good life it offers. Above all, they are members of the life-long learning crowd who are eager to continually enrich their lives and expand their circle of friends.

We extend to you our guests, urbane knowledge seekers interested in the sublime domain of cheese and the intriguing realm of hand-made products, a link to this world.  Our approach is to select the very best of picturesque villages, natural sites, traditional food and resorts for you and offer you a way to meet the people and experience the products they create through their authentic activities and environment.  For this, we will challenge all your senses.  Of course, beautiful places and culinary experiences are part of the tour and of course, the best in accommodation and transportation services will be the norm.  With small, guided groups, we will investigate selected regions, follow our favourite routes and explore the world of « terroir » with tastings, tours and discoveries.  Our guests will come away with a true « savoir-faire des terroirs ».

Ours are not only tours, they are journeys.  With them we hope to induce you to leave the intensity of your lives behind to discover a different world, one that has remained the same for centuries and one which most of us have long forgotten.  We want you to collect experiences which will remain with you for a lifetime and we guarantee you will be touched by human stories, natural wonders, and many other secrets that only you can discover as we guide your way.  For this, we extend our personal invitation to become our guests and promise to share our passion for these people, regions and products.  So join us in the quest for this good life.  Join us here as members of DOMAINES & TERROIRS.

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