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Corporate Group Travel

DOMAINES & TERROIRS JOURNEYS are all about learning and discovery. Corporate Group Travel by its very nature needs to showcase your corporate culture and focus on your message. Our combined years of corporate executive experience and planning skills are the basis for our understanding of your corporate needs and makes creating a Corporate Group Travel JOURNEY to fit your goal, time frame and budget a realistic undertaking.

What are your parameters?

We are here to help develop a Corporate Group JOURNEY with your needs in mind. If we are going to move from place to place, our transportation vehicles for our JOURNEYS can accommodate a maximum of eight guests. If you have more than eight, we can work on different transportation methods and/or use two or more vehicles with a corresponding number of guides and drivers.

Contact Us

Contact us at so we can review your needs and confirm if the JOURNEY and dates you have in mind can accommodate your group. When each member of your group has paid their initial deposit your Private Group JOURNEY will be confirmed.

How to arrange a Corporate Group Journey?

Creation is a very rewarding process, involving time, thought and applied knowledge. Some people thrive on the details, while others prefer to give us their parameters and let us come back with options. Whichever way you go, it needs to be efficient for you and your organization.

We will agree with you beforehand how you want to work with us, who the decision maker or makers will be and the program with specific deadlines for approvals. Once we have done our due diligence with you, we will go to work on developing several options to present to you.

Once the JOURNEY has been agreed, we will take care of all your trip details, contact each member of your group to begin the arrangements and sort out their payments. We are there to answer any and all of your group’s questions about the proposed JOURNEY to get everyone on board and make your Personalized Group JOURNEY a reality.

So let’s get down to it and create! Do you have special requirements to meet?

Build your business teams?
Create strategic meetings or professional development conferences?
Provide employee incentives or continuing education classes?
Want to include spouses or significant others?
Is your timeframe a day, a week or simply a weekend
Do you have geographic limitation?
Have corporate guidelines, budgets and reporting requirements to follow?
Need us to work with other consultants to plan the event?

How do we keep everyone informed?

To get everyone ready to go, we will provide you with regular timely information about how the booking is progressing. We will also work with you to secure appropriate sign offs, nudge the accounting group to cut the appropriate cheques when they are required, liaise with your corporate travel group for internal coordination and generally help you manage the process through completion.