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Personalized Group Travel

The ultimate in control is to build your own DOMAINES & TERROIRS JOURNEY and experience the world the way you wish. Want to personalize or tailor things to fit your schedule; your need for flexibility and/or accommodation; have special interests, specific regions or cheeses you want to discover, or have special needs and/or budgets, we can assist. Do you have a group of photographers, old schoolmates, a bunch of girl friends? Celebrating a special occasion, have lactose intolerant or food challenged travellers? We are here to help you explore all the possibilities regional terroirs can offer.

With our depth of research and knowledge of France, we can help you create your very own Personalized JOURNEY with DOMAINES & TERROIRS. Interested in the United Kingdom; Ireland or the United States? Being from the US and the UK, we have knowledge of those venues too! Our future plans include DOMAINES & TERROIRS JOURNEYS in all three of them, so ask us, we are more than happy to move plans for those to the front burner, and help you create a Personalize JOURNEY there!

What are your parameters?

Creating a personalized DOMAINES & TERROIRS JOURNEY for five to eight guests is no problem! Our aim is to keep things intimate, so our JOURNEYS are normally limited to a maximum of eight guests. If you have more than eight, we can arrange either different transportation methods or use two or more vehicles with the corresponding number of guides and drivers.

How to arrange a Personalized Group Journey

Creation is a very rewarding process, involving time, thought and applied knowledge. Some people thrive on the details, while others prefer to give us their parameters and let us come back with options. Whichever way you go, it should be a whole lot of fun and even though organizing groups is never simple, we can help make this painless. This process takes time, but we will agree with you beforehand how you want to work together, who the decision maker(s) will be and the program with specific deadlines for approvals. Once we have done our due diligence with you, we will go to work on developing several options to present to you.

Once the JOURNEY has been agreed, we will take care of all your trip details, contact each member of your group to begin the arrangements and sort out their payments. We are there to answer any and all of your group’s questions about the proposed JOURNEY to get everyone on board and make your Personalized Group JOURNEY a reality.

So let’s get down to it and create a JOURNEY!

  • Who and how many people do you have in mind to travel with you?
  • Tell us what kind of trip it is? Is it a trip to celebrate your 50th birthday, a special occasion, reward a group of colleagues, focus a group of corporate executives, or a family get together?
  • Do you have a specific region and/or country in mind?
  • How do you want to travel? Want to go first class all the way or rough it?
  • Would you like to use one of our existing trip dates or do you have particular dates in mind? Want to travel in winter through the French Alps by dog sled? Visit cheese makers in Vermont in the autumn? Tell us what season or when you want to travel and for how long.
  • Are you obsessed with tasting every goat cheese made in France or wallowing in the pleasures of smelly washed rind cheese? Do you want to focus on California wines from the Anderson Valley and the cheeses that pair with them? Partake in the British Cheese Awards weekend in Wales? Tell us if you have a special product you are chasing.
  • Want to combine your JOURNEY with some exercise? Learn to cook the classics of a particular region and pair that with the corresponding cheese and wines?
  • Tell us if you have a theme in mind or are looking for something a bit out of the ordinary. We can be very accommodating!

How do we keep everyone informed?

To help everyone get ready to go, we will provide you and each member of your group with timely information about how the booking is progressing and the next steps for each of your group. For the group organizer, we will communicate with you regularly so you can assist with nudging the ‘slow off the mark’ members along (peer pressure at its finest!).

Contact Us to Discuss

Contact us at so we can review your needs and confirm if the JOURNEY and dates you have in mind can accommodate your group. When each member of your group has paid their initial deposit your Private Group JOURNEY will be confirmed.